Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smarter Than You Know

We've gone back to basics lately. I'm working on self control in all my kids...well, myself included on this one..but who isn't. Anyway, one tool I learned through Babywise and Growing Kids God's Way is called a "sit time" (also known as blanket time). It's very different than a time out. A "sit time" is a certain amount of time designated by the parent that you tell your child to sit still and be quiet. They aren't in trouble, but it teaches them to sit still when you tell them to.

So, we set up their blankets, I let them pick out one toy to have on their blanket, and they sit for as long as I tell them to. Tonight, it was 15 minutes. Lillian was even included in this.

Even though she is 14 months old, she's smarter than we know. I practiced with her earlier in the day, and after a few gentle swats on the diapered bottom, she clearly got the point - that being to stay on her blanket. For a baby who doesn't communicate as well as I'd like, she knew I meant business. Towards the end, she just sat on her blanket and whined...knowing she couldn't get up, but surrendered to "sit time" anyways.

Daddy even walked in during this "sit time" and the kids kept their sweet little bottoms put!! (And was especially impressed with baby Lillian!)

How can I expect my kids to sit still in public or out to dinner at the table if I don't practice with them at home? Not that their great at sitting still in public. (The one in the middle is the wiggliest!)

Of course, Olivia was an old pro at the "sit time".....since I've been doing it with her since she was 1!!!


  1. your a good mom linds..so proud of you. do you think if i keep all 3 they will do that for me? :)

  2. oohhhh good one- i had forgotten this one...we should work on this!!!

  3. that's great! we do that but call it "chair time." i use that time to clean up my kitchen after breakfast! good to see you today!

  4. Great job.. i never did the blanket.. just the crib...that's how I got/get showers in the morning..its refreshing to see a parent who "get's it" when it comes to child training.. i know you will enjoy the benefits that come from this obedience!

    And about that wiggly one.. its a very natural thing since he is MALE... but he is still on the blanket! lol


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