Friday, September 12, 2008

Third Babies (or so) Have it lt All

As I was sitting outside watching my kids play, I realized what a life 3rd babies (and on) have!! I mean, what first born children get to do this: (which Lillian has been riding in since she could practically sit up)

Get carted around in a really cool Barbie jeep whenever they want!

And what crazy mom would let their baby do this down a huge hill:

Or eat this on a regular basis:

Or have a really cool brother and sister like this:

(yes, they actually love each other despite anything else I say!)

Lillian came into the world with a fully stocked playroom. Along with many more privileges than the other 2 had at her age. I guess there is just so much more going on when there are others running around the house too. I already feel that I'm more lax with her in some areas. But they're probably the ones I was too strict with the first 2 in the first place. I guess our first children are our guinea pigs! Hopefully I've done no long term damage!! :-)

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