Thursday, September 1, 2011

Unexpected Bathroom Makeover

Last weekend while we were at the wedding, we hired one of Robert's old employee's to come do some work at our house.  We decided to let him have at the master bathroom.  It was the only room in the house we didn't touch when we moved in and I guess we just decided it was time.  Since I didn't take "before" pictures, I had to dig up some old ones.  So here they are.  I was 22 weeks pregnant with Rhodes and we were getting dressed up for Olivia's ballet recital.  Oh I sure do miss the great hair and nails you have when you are pregnant!

The previous owners had wallpapered the bathroom and then PAINTED over it.  And not just rolled out.  They sponge painted little "stars" blue/pink/green.  Yeah, awful.  Roberto had to patch some holes and sand them down. 

You can see here what color the cabinets were and the horrible hardware.  Everything so blah.  Oh, and notice the PURPLE bath mats.  haha


Nice and fresh and updated.  We spent very little too!  The wall color was leftover from a job Robert did somewhere.  We got real lucky with that.  I didn't want white, and I didn't to do the same color as our bedroom.  This is Balboa Mist!  And I love it!  In person I can't tell if it's blue, grey, or green, but it is the perfect color.   The cabinets color is called Brown Sugar.  It's the perfect chocolate brown in my opinion.  It's the same color as the cabinets in the kids bathroom.

The hardware was under $2/drawer handle, $15 for the towel bar, and $7 for the toilet paper holder. 

I "splurged" on the bathmats.  $25/piece from Bed Bath and Beyond but I had a $10 coupon.  :)  They're mohair.  :)

After painting the bathroom, we hated to put the ugly white cabinet back in, but after a few coats of Brown Sugar, it was ready to go back in.  We really needed the space.

I'm always amazed at what a coat of paint can do!  It really cleaned up the bathroom nice, and it was a project well overdue to be done.  This is probably all we will do to this room of the house.  Pouring money into a bathroom in the area we live in isn't going to get much of a return.  Pretty sure this bathroom is MUCH nicer than some of our neighbors.  :)

Now we've been revamping the kids rooms.  Big boy bed for Rhodes and new bed for Landon, new bunk beds for the girls!  It's fun to move things around...and I'm also getting to clean really well in all the corners!  Yay for me!

Anyways, other than carpool and homework, that's what I've been up to!

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  1. It looks terrific, Lindsay! Paint continually amazes me ... it's a great way to freshen up a room for a very reasonable cost. If only I could paint every room once every few years! It would feel like a completely new house. :)


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