Monday, September 26, 2011

Ford's Birthday

Here's a little bit about Ford's BIG DAY!!!

Lacey, ya know, doing the important things - gettin' pretty!

Ready to meet their SON!

Too early to be posin' for pictures! About 5:30 a.m.

Me doing my sisterly duties...putting socks on her feet! :)

We took bets on length and weight! Guess who won. Robert. And he wasn't even there. :) But he's a good guesser! He was only 1/2 " off in his whole guess!

Listening to them counting! Mac was saying some hilarious things.

He was pushing with her!

He's HERE!

Getting our footprints done.

Daddy and son.

Mommy meeting SON!

Don't worry...there's more. Don't want to overload you! :)


  1. Just beautiful -- great job capturing these sweet moments!

  2. these pics are amazing and you and Lacey are gorgeous - even at 5:30AM and while birthing babies! cant wait to see the rest....I will speak for myself but I cant get enough of your pics! Dont ever worry about photo overload! :D

  3. i am new to your blog and i would just like to say that your pictures are beautiful!

    i was also wondering where you got those boots? :]


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