Monday, September 12, 2011

The Royal Family

No not that royal Will and Kate though. :)

THIS Royal Family. And this is probably the one and only post that is not about my children nor contains any pictures of my children. :)

I think Mom and Dad are happy to be reunited as a family of SEVEN!! :)

The Birmingham Zoo welcomde 5 baby lion cubs on May 25. Since then, I've the kids have been DYING to go and see them when they finally were up on display. Well, Labor Day weekend they had their debut!

And let me tell you there was not one day that went by when the kids didn't ask to go see the baby cubs.

So one day after school we went straight there because they have the Lion Training at 3:30 and they open up the side of the exhibit (with solid chain link fence of course) and all the lions come over to eat.

I happen to have my camera and my nifty fifty f/1.8 lens in my purse from baseball the day before and was loving snapping off some quick pics!

Are they not the cutest things ever!?!?

There's Akili watching over her cubs. The trainers said this was the first time that all 7 lions came over to the side! There was definitely a little excitement back there. Mom and Dad had a little spat and Daddy Lion roared at one of the cubs for coming over to his food. :)

The trainers said that the cubs were still nursing but were all taking cows meat as well.

They were all SO very curious, as you would expect, and were taking in everything. They would rub a big brush over the fence and they would try and get it. Then they hosed if off at the end and they were just in awe of the hose. So cute!!

Kwanzaa, the Daddy Lion, also enjoys goats milk. It's a treat for him.

I think he's looking straight at me in this pic.

IF I can recall correctly, there are 2 boys and 3 girls. Vulcan, Kimba, Lily, Asha, and the last one was named by a contest. Don't know what that is yet.

They will be on display here for the next 18 months to 2 years. Then they will be moved to other zoos. They said that this holding area was too small for 7 full grown lions. I would have to agree. :)

We will definitely be frequenting the zoo to watch the growth of these cute babies! And if you're in town, I highly recommend going at either 11:30 or 3:30 for the Lion Training. Be sure to get a good close view too!!

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