Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bachelorette Weekend!

Well, hey there!

Long time no see.  I might be a little bit sorry.  But it get's BUSY around here!  Especially with a wedding in FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!

So last weekend, I got to get away for 2 nights to spend time with my future sis-in-law!  It was the first time in exactly 3 years that I've been away from Robert and the kids....alone!  Crazy!  It was so fun though!

So I did a little of this, and a LOT of laying around!

I was able to meet all of Margaret's bridesmaids!  I have to say that they are ALL so sweet, beautiful, and down to earth and I really enjoyed seeing Margaret with all her friends!  I got to hear cute stories about her and Walton....I just can't tell ya how much fun it was!!!  Still can't believe my baby bro is getting hitched!

We took one boat ride and FROZE!  It was a beautiful day, but out on the water with the wind blowing...just a tad cold.  But we all worked on our tans a little bit out on the dock!

Then we came in and got dressed up and headed to Springhouse Restaurant.

One word.  DELICIOUS!

Margaret's maid of honor is her best friend and cousin!!!

These girls were her roomies at college!  (I think...can't quite remember how each of them know Margaret....) :-)

Another set of roomies....pretty sure. ;-)

The fam!  Lacey and I, Margaret, and our cousin Rachel!

I split a delicious veggie pasta with homemade pasta with my preggers sister! So good!

Walton sent flowers to the restaurant with a note that read, "7 days".

Tears.  Oh yeah, it's gonna be hard to hold it together this weekend!!!  Guess that's just how weddings are!

Then it was back to the house to open lots of goodies!!!   I'll spare the details.  :-)

We had plenty of bubbly to celebrate with...

And hugs too....

Sweet moments shared with friends!  You could really tell how much they all cared for Margaret and each other!

Lots of girltalk......

So much fun!!  Can't wait to share more details about the weekend!  I don't want it to go by too quickly. 


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