Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrating Maggie!

Margaret's (or Maggie!) bridesmaids luncheon was today!!!  It was beautiful!!!

Love these little cherubs!!

The details were amazing!

And the food was SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

One of the bridesmaid's mom is a chef and made all the food for the luncheon.  She also bakes some incredibly beautiful cookies....and they TASTE good too!  Very important....  :-)

Pictures with most of the bridesmaids...some were still en route!

Her sweet mother!!!

My new (almost) sister and my momma!!

The rehearsal is in just a couple of hours!!!  I can't wait to hear all the toasts's gonna be a great evening and even better Saturday!!!

Promise to share pics and details soon!!


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  1. cookies are adorable! does she have a business that sells them?


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