Monday, May 23, 2011

The Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner

After we kicked off the weekend with the beautiful bridesmaids luncheon, we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  My uncle took all the pictures and the dinner and did a GREAT job!  It was nice not to have my camera in hand and just get to enjoy the evening.  I did crop a few and run them through camera raw, but he did a fantastic job!  Though I was super nervous about giving my toast.  :-)

Cousin, sister, and a bridesmaid with her hubby!

The groom and MOG! ;-)

Rober and I.....can you believe I'm in so many pictures!!  Crazy!  And nice for a change!

Me, Walton, and beautiful Maggie!

The couple of the evening.

Can't believe he's a married man now!

My grandmother, Sugar, and the 3 grand daughters.....and now FOUR!

And, in typical Robert style, he can't be serious!

The flowers were AMAZING!  They had kiwis and grapes in them.  Absolutely gorgeous.  The food was delicious as well!

We toasted!  My was short and sweet and straight from the heart!  Thanks dad for helping me with it!

The preggers toasted too.  You can see her little 22 week bump here!


Thanks to my awesome parents for throwing such a perfect rehearsal dinner!

And now a confession....I didn't take one single picture at the wedding.  :(  I intended to have my camera close by, but WOWZERS.  When your a bridesmaid, you're marching all over the place taking pics.  Then the kids got there, and I had to get them dressed.   And the the reception...well, we ate and danced the night away and I didn't even bring my camera.

BUT, I guess that's why you hire a photographer.  Who by the way was Kellen Coldiron.  And let me tell you that the pictures are going to be GORGEOUS!  We went to the park called Jemison Trail and took pics back in the woods....they're going to be awesome!

And I promise to show you whenever we get to see them!!!

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