Friday, May 27, 2011

Recital and a Play Day

I haven't completely abandoned my DSLR.  :-) 

I had it on me for Olivia's first piano recital!!  She did incredible and wasn't nervous at all.  I used to practically sweat sitting there waiting for my turn.  I do NOT like being up in front of people!  But she was all cool, calm, and collected!

Olivia has definitely got the piano talent in the family!  She teaches herself songs all the time.  She recently taught herself "Baby" by Justin Beiber.  Yeah, she just googled it and figured it out!  Up next is Fur Elise! She's currently waiting for me to get off the computer so that she can you tube it! ;-)

I snapped a few pics on our walk yesterday!  Landon loves his motorcycle helmet.  Or whatever it is.  He feels very cool in it! ;-)

I let them ride and ride and ride.  Then I took them over to the circle that I learned to ride a bike on.  My dad used to run behind me round and round and round, until I got it!

Round and round...

We hit up the park in the afternoon.  Yesterday was actually cool and was perfect weather!

And I had my camera!  Here are some of my favorite shots!

Happy Friday!

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