Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey Y'all!!

Today, my morning started out like this.  A bag of rice poured out onto the floor.

Yup,.  Guilty.  But who can stay mad at that sweet face for long!

Also, it was promptly followed up by, "this is the best day ever!" by Landon - because I cooked him eggs and toast!  The little things, huh.  So really, it's been a GREAT day!

So now for the title of this post. My grand parents celebrated SIXTY, let me repeat....60 YEARS of marriage last night!  What an honor it was to celebrate with them.  We remenisced about how they met, funny stories of sharing life together!  My how far they've come!!

Here are the grandkids (we're missing 3).  So that's FIVE grandchildren (NINE including spouses), and FOUR great grand children.  And who know how many more there will be!!!  Yikes!!

Robert and I are passing the torch on that Lacey and Rachel are going to have to take up the slack one day!

The whole family!!

Then we enjoyed a nice three course meal where there was lots of laughing and a little crying!  Happy cries of course! :-)

THANK YOU BB and SUGAR for setting such a wonderful example to us!  You set the bar mighty high (SIXTY YEARS PEOPLE!), but I fully intend to make it that far with Robert! :-)

Happy Anniversary!



  1. How precious and wonderful!!! Sixty years! Wow!!! Happy Anniversary BB and Sugar!

    And on a side note, just want to say that you always look stunning. I seriously wish you'd give some thought to doing some "fashion" posts. Is that a cheesy request? Just thought I'd ask.

  2. What?? No more babies???


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