Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best of Buds

So my lens is BACK!  Actually, it's been back.  I've just had a hard time wanting to pick it back up again.  BUT, alas, I have and I'm glad it's back!!

The boys were playing outside the other day.  It was so cute!  I hope they are the best of buds one day.  They already share the love of cars, trucks, guns, and balls!  And now that Rhodes is getting old enough to actually play with them WITH Landon, I think Landon is beginning to enjoy his little brother a lot more.

SO....he decided to show him the ropes on dirt and leaves! :-)

They were all giggles on the porch for a little bit!

"Ok bud, you wanna go down here and play?"

And off they went!

He plopped him right down in the middle of the huge leaf pile that he just raked up.  (All by himself, I might add!)

Wait...this is supposed to be fun?!

So they decided to ride around. 

Let's ride INTO the leaves!

"Here, I'll help!"

Now, back to the original intent...."you PLOP down into the leaves, Rhodes!"

And something tells me this is only the beginning!!!


  1. So sweet! I never noticed how much they looked alike until this post!

  2. I finally got all of our leaves raked up, but not before our three boys managed to track them through our entire house AND get them stuck in every crevice of every shirt they own! And leaves REALLY stick to fleece. Holy cow.

  3. These pictures just melted my heart. so sweet.


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