Monday, January 10, 2011

Having A Love Affair

With some books!!!  And that is taking up much of my free time!  I used to LOVE to read.  And somehow, it got away from me!  (wonder why) ;-)

After reading several blogs of many book reviews, I just jotted down a few and dove right on into them!  I've already finished One Day and have managed to get a good bit into Outlander!

Very excited to get back into some books!

I'll be back with some fun posts soon!!!


  1. It took me awhile to get into Outlander, but I'm now reading the 4th book, so I obviously did!

    Loved the first two Hunger Games books as well :)

  2. I'm reading One Day right now. Just started. How did you like Hunger Games and Outlander? I'm always looking for new things to read.


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