Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Lake Weekend

The other weekend we headed on down to the lake to hang with my WHOLE fam on my mom's side. We won't be down as much as we like this summer because my parents are re building their house to accommodate our growing family.  With Lacey's fam and my brother's future fam, the little cabin just couldn't hold us all.  But soon there will be just enough room for everyone!!  But we will have to wait until next summer to enjoy the new cabin!!

BUT, luckily, my grandfather has a house right next door that we all crammed into.  So we were still able to enjoy the lake!!

Rhodes driving on our sunset cruise...

Lovey skiing!!!

She's def still got it!!!!

Rhodes tubing.  While this wasn't his first time to tube, it was his first to tube without an adult. :)

Of course there was a lot of this going on too.  Can't let the boys go down to the lake and not catch some air.  Guess it's like riding a bike...'cause Robert seem to pick up right where he left of in August.

Showoffs....  :)

This little guy wasn't feeling well.  He was fussy and wouldn't sleep.  My poor sister...I remember how stressful it is when you have a baby in a full house that is restless.

Turns out he had a viral throat infection and a small hairline fracture on his arm.  We noticed he wasn't using his arm, though it was nursemaids elbow or just sore, but turns out he needed a cast for a couple weeks.

He is back to being his cute little self!!

We are chock full of Vacation Bible Schools and summer reading programs!!  It's been very mild here (for June) and so nice!!  Very much enjoying the first part of our summer!!


  1. Very fun weekend! Love the pictures of Keith wake boarding & on the tube with Olivia!

  2. Glad your summer is going well. Looks like you all had a blast at the lake. We love the lake!

  3. It looks like y'all have had great kick-off to summer! Great pictures and poor baby Ford, I hope he is feeling better.

  4. Wow! Looks like a great time!


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