Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beach Day 1: Debby No Downer!

We headed to the beach knowing there was some "weather" going on.  Tropical Storm, potential hurricane....could be nothing...who knows. 

But we loaded up and prayed that the weather would go away and we would have our perfect beach weather back!!

Sunday when we drove in, it was raining.  But Monday morning, it was just overcast, NO rain, and the sun would peek out when it could.

It was nice enough to swim.  Being ON the beach was a little rough...with wind gusts up to 25+ mph, the sand would kick up and pelt us like tiny little bullets!!

Needless to say, we spent most of our day at the pool.  :)

A little pool deck baseball as well!

Rhodes playing pitcher!

Robert headed to the store the and bought some good classic games.  Battleship, dominoes, BINGO!!

So it was bingo night!!

No weather was going to put us out!!  So glad we "gambled" and still came.  Because we woke up Tuesday morning to PERFECT weather!!  Not a cloud in the sky and perfect temps!!!

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