Thursday, May 17, 2012

Breaking the Mold - Cantata Coffee

Hey Y'all!!  I'm back and can't wait to tell you about this NEW coffee drink that I recently got my hands on.   And my interest in it peaked at just the right time - couldn't have been any better timing really.

I love coffee.  Especially in the morning and mid afternoon.  (It's not like I need a pick-me-up or anything) ;)  For the past 9 months we've been using our Keurig.  It's been.....okay.  The k-cups are pricey, the "use your own coffee" filter is also pricey and messy.  And quite frankly, I couldn't find a coffee that was strong enough (and not bitter) that my taste buds enjoyed.  This was especially evident during the fast when I was drinking BLACK coffee - and every k-cup I tried was super bitter and nasty.  (For sale: Keurig B40) :)

So a few weeks ago, I pulled out the ole pot and filters to brew stronger coffee for Robert and I.  While boring, I guess it worked in the mean time.

But then I noticed my sister and some of her friends on Instagram talking about this "Cantata Coffee".  This went on for a couple of weeks and I knew I had to get my hands on some.  My sister was headed down to the farmers market to get some and I asked her to pick me some up as well.  It it came in this:

 Definitely and interesting little contraption.  But a genius one in the least.  This "bottle" holds 16 oz of Cantata concentrated coffee.  Per their website, the brew is a "New Orleans Blend, a fine balance of coffee and chicory".

So after I decided which of the many ways I wanted to make my coffee (iced), I measured out 1 oz of concentrate and poured it in my glass.  

Voila.  Easy enough. :) 


 I added my ice, then water.....

Before I chose to add any splenda or milk, I took a sip.....or two.  And I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the coffee was.  And not bitter one bit - no flashbacks to bitter keurig k-cups!  (Where was this coffee during my fast!) ;)

But then, since I do prefer my coffee with a bit of splenda and milk/creamer, I added just a splash of milk and splenda.  The perfect "pick-me-up" for the rest of the day.

One of the other aspects that really impressed me about Cantata Coffee is the versatility of the coffee!  I've made it hot, iced.....I've even made myself a quick little "coffee shot" before running out the door for a long day.  

There are so many other good things I can say about the coffee -  the health benefits,  the convenience factor, not to mention the brew itself (chicory is the root of the endive plant added to soften the bitterness of a dark roast coffee! how cool!) but you really need to go check it out yourself and tour around the site. 

Curious how it got it's name?  John Sebastian Bach wrote a Coffee Cantata - a lighthearted satire where he poked fun of coffee drinkers!

I know you are wondering where you can get your hands on some of this special coffee, right!?  Well currently, every Saturday in Birmingham BeBe Goodrich (founder) and her "brew krewe" will be at Pepper Place Farmer's Market.  You can also order through their website.  This is a great way to support local businesses!  I know they look forward to expanding AND rolling out new coffee blends and flavors.  The sky is the limit for Cantata Coffee!

Phone - (504) 388-5099
Twitter: @cantatacoffee
Snail Mail: 712 Hoadley Drive, Birmingham, AL 35213 

 Check 'em out y'all!!


  1. I LOVE THIS COFFEE AS WELL!! And your posting on it, is very true!! You have such a cool blog, and this makes me want to have a cup right now!!

  2. YES, YES, and YES!!! Sooo glad I found this too! I just enjoyed my afternoon cup of iced Cantata coffee about an hour ago. It just doesn't compare to other coffee! I will be buying a big container of it this week @ Pepper Place!

  3. How long does it last? Does it need to be refrigerated? I'm curious about buying a bottle and trying it at my coffee shop for our iced coffee and/or using it for espresso-tinis instead of hot espresso. We try to always do local coffees, but it's "local" to me, right?! hmmm. Thanks Lindsay, I'll have to try some

    1. Tricia - We certainly would love for you to use Cantata. Currently, we guarantee one-month in the refrigerator. You can leave the coffee out all day, but store overnight in fridge. email us for more info if you're interested. thanks! bebe

  4. I want, well I NEED THIS! Guess I'll be going online and ordering.....thanks for this little yummy secret!

  5. We love Cantata at our house -- it has become a staple! Thanks for using your blog to let people know about this fabulous local product. (We love you too, Bebe - not just your coffee.)


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