Monday, May 21, 2012

Baseball Wrapup

Well another baseball season has come and gone.  This completes our second year with this league.  Which means that we know a good many players between all the teams.

Overall we placed third in the season and third in the end of year tournament.  The number one team was undefeated the entire season/tournament and the 2nd place team we could only beat once.  So we played the best we could.  And had some INCREDIBLE games.  It always amazes me how well 7 year olds can play!!

Here are some pics of our last game.

Water gun fight at the ball park - anything to keep them busy! :)

Landon just walkin' up to hit a bomb! :)

Silly boy

Makin plays!!!!

Baseball ready!!

Trying to hide from me :)

We'll see if he wants to play fall ball.  I hope so!!!  I love the ball park!!

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