Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Game Over

This is how I feel some days:

Except with a 4 instead of a 3 in that box. :-)

Just wanted to update the blog about life around here. It's crazy fun to say the least. Very busy and not much down time. I've sort of been able to kind of keep up with reading all my bloggy friends blogs, but I've been a horrible commenter!! :-(

Needless to say, we just hang out at home a lot these days. Enjoying this beautiful weather. Little man is growing like crazy and is at the 10 lb mark and looking good! Cooing and smiling all over the place!! :-)

Lillian is a mess. As usual. She's been a good little mommy when Olivia is gone.

Landon is doing better. He's taking tennis and loves it!! And is very good. Which doesn't surprise me. He has great hand/eye coordination.

Olivia is doing so well in school! She loves to learn. These days, though, she seems to be making lists of Christmas presents she (and the rest of the family) would like. How thoughtful! ;-)

Speaking of Christmas it's RIGHT around the corner! WOW! I'm trying to get on the ball about that but I can't seem to stay on the ball for anything these days. It'll be a fun Christmas this year...seems to get better each year they get older!!

Anywho...gotta to school! :-)


  1. again, looks crazy fun! can't wait to see you!

  2. Sweet, sweet photos ... Rhodes is precious!

    - Aunt K


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