Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Santa *wink *wink

Dear Santa,

I dare you (double dog dare you) to bring any toys to my kids this year that have more than 5 parts to them. Better yet, ANY removable parts to them. You see, my kids just can't keep up with all those tiny pieces. And guess who gets to pick them up. You guessed it - ME. And I'm just plain tired of dealing with it. And fingers crossed, I cleaned out the playroom one.last.time. of all those tiny pieces this past weekend.

My kids don't need all that plastic junk. They really don't even want it or play with it. So spare yourself (and me) all the trouble. Because I just might not even let the kids open them. And I don't want to spoil all their Christmas fun this year.

So get those elves thinking outside of the box this year. I know you can come up with some unique toys for my kids that will engage their minds and bodies. And also not drive their parents crazy! :-)



  1. A M E N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I just copy your post and put it on my blog?

  2. I second that! I won't even buy my kids Legos. The idea totally stresses me out.

  3. amen and and me both and me both! tiny parts are for the birds!! :D

  4. Oh oh oh!!! Can I link to you??? Can I tattoo this on the fam's eyelids? Well said.

  5. oh you are the voice of mothers everywhere! how we applaud thee!
    I groaned when my hubby brought home the chutes and ladders game for our kids. Of course it would provide them a few Minutes of fun while they argued over the rules and how to effectively execute maneuvers in this classic game, all the while providing Mom (me!) countless Hours of finding stray pieces and repairing pieces that have somehow managed to magically deteriate in the mere minutes tiny hands held them.
    Thank you for voicing the distress any mother screams at any package containing more than one piece!


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