Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well hello friends! Whew...what a crazy past 6 weeks it's been. It's been 6 weeks full of adjusting and learning how to manage the new size of our family. How I meet needs of everyone has shifted and my time is 100% consumed. Yes, I actually had "down time" before Rhodes was born. But I think I'm finally figuring out how to account for 4 little bodies running around, a wonderful and helpful husband - and on top of that, decently caring for my home.

But on a high note....we are also starting to get a few smiles out of Rhodes every once in a while - though he refuses to do it for his own MOTHER!! But boy I can't wait until he does. Because for 9 months I carried this little man and now my body is working overtime to nourish him....so it sure would be nice to get some confirmation that a he's happy little fellow and loves his mommy.

He's looking at Robert in this picture! Go figure. (btw - loving the dimples he inherited from his daddy) :-)

We did finally get to sneak away from home for the weekend. We went to the lake for a couple of days and it was SO nice to get out of the house. I really needed a change of scenery. I love my house and all, but I've felt a little house ridden - even though we're on the go quite a bit.

Not to mention on this trip I was going to have 5 adults per 4 kids....which is a much better ratio than the 1:4 ratio that I have going on most days 'round here.

At the lake we enjoyed the nice FRESH air! It was cool - a nice change in my opinion. We did a lot of "Going on a Bear Hunt" walks...and playing outdoors!

Rhodes did a lot of sitting in the bouncer. But he was a trooper and did great all weekend.

Robert thinks it's so funny that he'll suck on anything - whether it's Robert's knuckles...or his nose. :-)

We carved pumpkins on Saturday!

Checking out the insides...she's not so sure about all those seeds.

Daddy with a knife...WATCH OUT!

But Landon with a knife....hide yourself and your children!

They turned out GREAT!!

The kids also caught a baby snake. And totally weren't scared of it. Anybody know what kind it is?? And no, we didn't bring it home...though they wanted to SOO badly.

We even tailgated at the Auburn game this weekend and got to visit with my brother! Nothing like hanging out at a fraternity house to make you feel old.

And there's also nothing like a drunk guy asking you if you have a dog on your chest and making a fool of himself. Seriously...does it look I have a dog on me?

Anyway, we survived our first family trip. It was fun and we didn't forget anyone or anything!! Though I think traveling will only get harder the older Rhodes gets. :-)

One more pic of that little man...I love this picture. And I love him! "Are you lookin' at me?"


  1. You are super mom!! I'm glad y'all got to get out and have some fun!

  2. i do not know how you do it!!! love all of the cute pics!

  3. wow! i am impressed. i was in auburn too, no idea y'all were there! it was sooooooo cold, huh?

  4. L-O-V-E the pics of baby rhodes!! he's soooo precious!!! and no, it doesn't look like you are wearing a dog! lol! but tell me, is the baby uncomfortable and squished? (haha- refer to annie;s blog)

  5. I am cracking up...first, I am totally relieved that T isn't the only daddy out there that gets a kick out of the fact that all our babies have sucked on his nose! (I think it's pretty gross...) And next...a dog? Really? Really???

    Great pics. Rhodes is one beautiful baby! And you look fabulous!

  6. looks like fun! and avery tried to catch a snake like that at our old house. she doesn't even have a healthy fear of animals.

  7. Cute pictures and looked like so much fun. I love reading your blogs.

  8. love all the pics, especially the last one! the drunk guy must've been related to the woman this weekend that thought the tutus we had for sale (and displaced on my cousin's seven month old baby girl) were for dogs!!! lol


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