Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Florie: 6 Weeks

WOW!  How time flies!

Cannot believe it's been 6 weeks since baby Florie has been born.  And also about that long since I blogged.  If I was to sum up the past 6 weeks I would call it "Not Enough Hours In The Day".

Now some of you may say, "I already feel that way".  I'm sure I have on some days.  But now, it's like all the time everyday. :)  If I'm not feeding Florie, I'm doing homework, laundry, cleaning, cooking, snuggling, running errands, getting some fresh air (aka: walking), resting, etc.  MOST of the time I'm not overwhelmed, just busy.  And I'm constantly trying to re-evaluate how I order my days. 

BUT, all is well.  And going better than I could have expected.  I tend to follow a relaxed Babywise routine.  THIS BLOG explains her routine SO well.  I might as well have written it!  Ha!  (Check out all the weeks she has chronicled at the bottom of the post)  I love her whole blog! But working on getting FULL feedings during the day so that she's not waking all night to get most of her calories is the main idea.  So far Florie has been going 4-6 hour stretches at night, nursing, then sleeping another 2.5-4 hour stretch.  Pretty good for a 6 week old.  And she's growing SO fast!  Gaining lots of weight!!!

For a while we couldn't figure out who she looked like.  So different from my other babies.  BUT, after coming across a 6 week old picture of Olivia, I've decided she looks the most like her.  But with blue eyes and dimples to die for!!

The biggest difference is having older kids.  Really Olivia.  She LOVES to help.  She can burp her, get her dressed, rock her.  It's great.  Much different than when I had Rhodes. ;)  The hardest thing is if I'm up at 5:00 am and would love to go back after I feed Florie, I can't.  Because I have to get going for the school day.  The weekends is when I catch up on sleep by sleeping in.  

I've been going through all my baby girl clothes boxes and remember how much FUN it is to dress a little girl!  I have HUNDREDS (well, probably about 100) of smocked outfits from over the years and cannot wait to dress Florie up.

Right now Florie is sleeping in the den in the bassinet portion of a mini pack n play.  I'm sure the "real fun" will begin when she knows she's out there and wants to play instead of sleep.  I'm not sure where she'll go eventually.  :)

 All the kids have adjusted well to her so far.  No major attitudes yet.  Rhodes is pretty sweet.  We're still learning what gentle means.  And staying out of her face.  He likes to "SHH" her, but practically spits all over her.  :)

Anyways, I can't think of anything else right now.  Do y'all have any questions???

For now, I'll leave you with some more 6 week old pics.  She's already behind in the pics department...bless her heart!  :)


  1. I can't imagine how busy you are! Having 5 in a row is busy but we don't have to get dressed and leave the house if I don't want to so we don't have the "getting to school" challenge. Although I would love an older sibling to do some real help :) When David was born and they said "it's a boy" I was elated but I did mourn a bit for all those precious girls clothes I would never see again!:) I'm sure when she starts sleeping full nights you're going to feel like a new person!

  2. Oh my...she is adorable! Love that second to last pic in the bonnet! Too sweet

  3. Oh adorable! The second to last pic in the bonnet is just too sweet!

  4. So precious! I see a lot of Rhodes in her, but maybe it's just because he's still so young, himself. I don't know. She is beautiful, though!

  5. She is gorgeous! Loved the update!

  6. She is so cute! Glad to hear that everything is going well!

  7. What a doll baby!!! Love her!

  8. Aw!!! She's presh!!! I heard that back in the early days that the reason parents were easily able to have many children was because the older took care of the younger. The Duggers do that too. I bet it is fun at your house!!


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