Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Straight To The Point

After I dropped the kids off at school this morning, I came home to clean up.  This caught my eye. 

Well, okie dokie.

In my defense, I wasn't playing short order cook this morning.  I said we're having waffles, she said she didn't want waffles,  I told her to go get dressed and pack her back pack.  Then she came back hungry.  So I popped them in the toaster oven and I guess we got distracted and it was like 30 minutes later that she finally sat down to eat them.  Well, I guess they were hard by then!!

I get these kinds of notes from her occasionally.  It's funny, because usually they are telling me something that she's serious about and that clearly I was to busy too "hear" her before.  I think I'll work on my listening skills.  :)

But I will say I think she wrote this one quite respectfully!! :-)

Kids are so funny!


  1. Wow! Yes, very much to the point, but I think is shows great maturity and intelligence in "speaking" her mind! And yes, I love that she wrote...Love, Olivia!

  2. I love children'/s matter of fact honesty. Keep this note for when she is older. You two will have a good laugh.


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